Yasha Sazmand CEO and Board Member of AKAM ATA Company

International Business Consultant in Iran

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Dr. Yasha Sazmand, DBA, MBA, B. Eng.

Professional Business Consultant in Iran

Founder, CEO and Member of Board of Directors – AKAM ATA Business Consultancy Co. Yasha Sazmand is also founder of WordPress 24 having 3 websites.

Dr. Yasha Sazmand is an MBA from Management and Science University, Malaysia. He completed Doctor of Business Adminstration (DBA) course in the best public university in Iran, Tehran University. He can be considered one of the best business consultants in Iran. If you are looking for a professional business consultant in Iran who knows the local and international market, with over 10 years of professional international and domestic work experience and is an English speaker, You may contact him. Yasha is a bilingual business consultant in Iran with business educational background. Yasha has lived, worked and studied abroad in English speaking environments and he is currently based in Tehran, Iran.

He has 10 years of international and domestic work experience, involved in sales and marketing; B2C, B2B, & B2G sales to more than 6000 clients from six continents. Experience in management, sales, and marketing for Fortune 500 and giant world-class companies (acquired during several years spent abroad).

❖Doctor of Business Administration, DBA, University of Tehran
❖Master’s Degree, MBA (Global Marketing), Management and Science University, KL, Malaysia
❖ Bachelor’s Degree, Mechanical Engineering (Solids Design)
❖ Invited to 10 academic management conferences in Europe and Asia
❖ Published 9 academic papers (Sales & Marketing) in International peer-reviewed journals – Google Scholar (Citations: 228, h-index: 7 , i10-index 6)

Proud to work for

  • NetApp and NetApp UK
  • Singapore Telecommunications Limited
  • Brandt International Sdn Bhd
  • SELLBYTEL / Group
  • AriaMedTour
  • Sepahan Hamrah – Export and Import Service
  • IranTalent – Recruitment & Jobs for Professionals

AKAM ATA Business Consultancy Co.

Dr. Yasha Sazmand has founded Akam Ata to work with the best business consultants in Iran. Akam Ata, which is an active full service business consultancy in Iran provides the international clients with business interpreters in Iran, market research, marketing plan, business plan, business investment opportunity and feasibility study. The company is a licensed company in terms of economic activity, export and import by Anzali Free Zone Organizations, in Iran. Akam Ata business consultants are based in Tehran, Iran and the north of Iran but they can travel.

Akam Ata Anzali Free Zone Co. is informally called Akam Ata. If you are looking for professional business consultants in Iran, Akam Ata is one of the best choices you can have.

Yasha Sazmand Asfaranjan (Full ame), is son of Rashid Sazmand Asfaranjan, formet CEO and board member of Malavan Sport and Cultural Club.

Yasha Sazmand is a business management consultant in Iran, who has published 9 management academic article. See Yasha Sazmand Google Scholar. Yasha Sazmand has been a business interpreter and business management consultant in several business meetings across inside and outside Iran.

Taught English Language at different Private Language Teaching Institutes in Iran and overseas :

  1. Nobel Academy of Foreign Languages
  2. Persia Language Institute, Vanak St
  3. IranTalent
  4. Erican Language Centre | Malaysia (www.erican.edu.my)
  5. MLI – Language Center

Different Age Groups

  • Upper-Intermediate English Language Books
  • Market Leader Business English series
  • New Headway | Oxford University Press
  • English File | Oxford University Press
  • Solutions | Oxford University Press
  • English in Mind | Cambridge University Press

– IELTS/ TOEFL/ Business English Instructor (several organizations), 2010 – present
– Farsi (Persian) <> English freelance simultaneous / consecutive interpreter, 2010 – present
– Book an interpreter in Tehran, Iran for your business meetings, exhibitions, conferences
– Looking for a business interpreter in Tehran, Iran? You may contact him directly if you have an important business meeting.

Contact information:

CEO @akam-ata.com

Yasha Sazmand Google Scholar

Yasha Sazmand Google Scholar, is the key phrase which is searched by so many people on the Internet. Yasha Sazmand is a senior researcher in the field of Business consulting, business management, e-business consulting, and digital marketing. His Google Scholar citation shows 229, and His H-index is 7 , i-10 index 6 (retrieved on 27 December, 2023) from his Google Scholar Account. If you are looking for Yasha Sazmand Google Scholar page click here. Dr. Yasha Sazmand has published a few papers with Dr. Meysam Salimi and Dr. Abbas Ghanbari-Baghestan and Dr. Shahryar Sorooshian.

Yasha Sazmand Asfaranjan or Yasha Sazmandasfaranjan Dr. Yasha Sazmand Google Scholar 27 December 2023

He has published 11 academic papers in reputable journals internationally. Yasha Sazmand or Dr. Yasha Sazmand with the full name Yasha Sazmandasfaranjan (Yasha Sazmand Asfaranjan) is a DBA from the best public university in Iran, Tehran University and an MBA from Management and Science university in Malaysia. He holds a bachelors’ degree in mechanical engineering and an equivalent certificate of computer software engineering.

Yasha Sazmand Work Experience

Yasha Sazmand, had officially worked for 12 companies as specialist, supervisor, manager and director in Iran and overseas; before he started his own company. he has also worked for NetApp and Singtel (Singapore Telecommunications) in Malaysia, again employed by outsourcing companies tough. He has several years of international work experience in the field of sales and marketing with the focus on IT and e-business sectors. Yasha Sazmand was the founder of AKAM ATA company and is currently the CEO & board member of this company. Yasha Sazmand is regarded as the best SEO expert in Dubai and Iran and without a shadow of a doubt a great copy writer in English language in Middle east.

Yasha Sazmand has been teaching English language as an IELTS instructor in Iran and Malaysia for over 15 years. However, ever since he started his own company in 2019, and he became the CEO, he started teaching English casually to maintain his English language proficiency at a high lever. Yasha Sazmand has been also a consecutive and simultaneous Farsi-English interpreter for business meetings in Middle East.

Yasha Sazmand, The founder and CEO of AKAM ATA Company

Dr. Yasha Sazmand is the founder, CEO & Board member of AKAM ATA company. Dr. Yasha Sazmand is active in business consulting (private sector) in Iran and other countries, and he had been an employee of 12 companies before he started his own company in 2019.

AKAM ATA Company

AKAM ATA Company with the full name, Akam ATA Anzali Free Zone Company is a business consulting firm in Iran. As a licensed business consulting firm in Iran AKAM ATA is considered an international IT company, well-known as a full-service digital marketing company in Iran. The company is a licensed ICT (Information and Communication Technology) company based in Iran. Entrepreneurship, management and business consulting, Web design, Web development, Software development, and SEO services are the main services that AKAM ATA provides other private companies and businesses with.

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